The Laws of Success – 4 If you want to be successful (Stop working for money)


YES! Stop it! Those who keep running after money can testify the speed of money running far from them.

Change your attitude to wealth. Money comes to problem solvers INEVITABLY!

As a professional, can you go the extra miles of doing beyond what you are paid to do? Not for extra fee but for adding values. If you love what you do it becomes easier to be paid for having pleasures. Find the best problem or problems of humanity you can best solve (health, children, home, housing, fashion, beauty,  etc IDENTIFY YOUR AREA OF PASSION – Things that comes to you naturally. Most often we call them hobbies while we waste our years in 8am-5pm every week. Money shall keep coming to you once you Identify the problem you are best at solving

To every one who gets money out of your wallets, your ATM cards, it’s because they are solving  certain inevitable problems for you.
Package your solutions exceptionally and you shall dominate the market. Money runs from those seeking it but it is found with those that have learnt the tricks of solving unique problems in a unique way. Think about this and take responsibility today.
See you at the top.


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Dear Sir, May  God bless you for this. now I can learn and be inspired for my life Success i have ever dreamt on the platform of gold.

It took me a little while to understand the concept  you shared here TO STOP WORKING FOR MONEY. it makes sense to me at last.


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Answered on March 7, 2018.
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