Success Formula – 8 (How can I know if my Idea will Succeed)


In your Pursuit of success you will have many brainstorming to do before coming to a conclusive idea you want to run with. Get this crystal clear; you have to see the success before you actually see it in manifestation, and you must keep seeing it untill you see it because that is going to be your strongest motivation through the journey of arriving at your desired success.

Now lets go down to discuss the WINNING IDEA,

as you brainstorm everytime you eventually settles for one idea to run with, How do you know if this Idea is a winning Idea?

  • It mist be a Problem Solving Idea.

The idea that will work for you must be one that has either Identified a unique and Inevitable problem of any class, age gender etc in any specific area of life, Either no one is solving this problem before or you have come up with how to solve it better!!It must be Unique, or you are creating a new problem entirely to position your self to solve.

It may be a local, national, international, gender related, political, professional, services, etc kind of problem, you must keep thinking through and through and writing down every concepts that flows through your mind,

Meditate upon it untill it aligns with your passion and makeup, until it speaks to you as the solution to that problem.

You might not immediately have all the tools to solving it but you just know its doable and you can do it and you will do it,

If you can nit come to this state of mind with the idea in your soul, please keep searching, There is something you are made for, something that defines you, something you are born to do, the particular problem you can best solve.

This may be a Business Idea, development idea; whatever it is, it speaks to you, it defines you, its just who you are!

  • It must be Unique

Mark it that the ides must be solving an existing problem or solving it better or creating a new problem and positioning yourself to solve it, next is that this problem solving idea  must be a unique one, the type that is attending to real issues in a unique way, it means you must think through to packaging the solution in a unique way, there may have been those solving this problem before think through how you will continue to be the preference of these kind of problem solver. Think beyond yourself, think to solve this problem for one client, a thousand client, the whole state, province, nation, etc, think and think and think until you get the unique package right.


  • It Must be Exciting

the next push you get with your winning Idea is that it must be an Exciting one to you, So exciting that you can never be talked out of it, so exciting that lack of money or lack of support can not delete it from your soul, Get married to your winning idea that has passed the above two acid test and move on to the stage of being excited about it.

What gets this excitement into you is you are able to see people happy with your solution, can you get to that point in your mind even before putting the first tool in place that you ca see your self as a problem solve for many? if that begins to happen in your mind then let it continue, day dream, every time put your mind into motion, see yourself travelling the world solving this problem, see your company growth, see your self in a better life as you put smiles on people’s face.

To make a difference you must be different. you can not be doing business as usual and expect unusual success!

Have a meeting with your soul and change the face of every thing, do not spare yourself and do not delay, begin now?

Its an assignment you can not afford to delay, and its the type you can not rush into conclusion with.

See you at the top, ask me any question and we will go through this togethr untill you succeed.

(c) David Longe

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