Law Of Success – 7 (Stay Focused!)

Success-minded people don’t have the luxury of time responding to critics, we see critics as cheap publicity of our achievements. It’s a sign that we are in the right direction, we address it as milestone in progress journey. If you must succeed refuse to be distracted, be definite and defiantly focused on your specified focus against all odds, that time to be responding to some allegations sometimes your silence is the joker to the jealous folks with pure conscience.

If you must succeed please be focused and refused to be distracted by street noise, cocial media noise, Your success is your best response to all your critics  even if you are guilty of all accusation, after all you will be a motivation tomorrow when you succeed, The story will change to “against all odds he made it or she made it” stay focused

Whatever you do in politics, business, relationship, career, academic etc: JUST STAY FOCUSED!!

There will always be distraction – Stay FOCUSED!!

If you have time to be responding to every fool, you may arrive late or never arrive at success destination.

See you at the top.

(c) David Longe

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